Important Paver Dos and Don’ts

If you want to avoid damage to your paver stone patio, walkway or driveway, there are 10 important rules and maintenance tips to follow.

How to Prevent & Treat Efflorescence

Do your paver stones have a white haze or chalky substance on the surface? The technical term for this naturally occurring phenomenon is called efflorescence. It is caused when moisture from rain, snow or humidity collects in the porous paver stones and the heat from the sun draws the moisture and sodium carbonate (water soluble […]

Top 5 Reasons to Seal Your Paver Patio

We frequently are asked, “Why is it important to seal a paver patio or driveway?” Paver stones are porous and require ongoing maintenance. Sealing is an important part of paver that provides five key benefits: FAQs How frequently should I seal my paver patio or driveway? In general, paver stones should be sealed every three […]