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Sealing and Sanding Brick and Patio Pavers

Sealing and Sanding Patio Pavers One of the most important elements of your maintenance program is sanding and sealing your paver surface. It is vital for the long-term condition of the surface and to ensure that it will be enjoyed for many years to come. For pavers, sealing protects the surface from stains and UV-rays but also stabilizes the joints by hardening the sand in-between the pavers. This eliminates the [...]

Repairing Your Patio Pavers

Repairing patio pavers that are damaged, uneven, cracked or misaligned Do you have pavers that are damaged, not level anymore, cracked, or are misaligned? Over time pavers can become damaged or shift, especially during hard winter months. Making repairs is an important part of any maintenance program, but can also help take your tired and damaged surface a make it look new again. The Paver Rescue team will expertly assess [...]

Cleaning Your Patio Pavers

Preventing Dirt, Grime, Weeds, and Moss Do you want to prevent build-up of dirt, grime, and weeds on your paver or concrete surface? Cleaning your patio pavers is a vital part of your ongoing maintenance program and will ensure both a better looking and longer lasting surface. A thorough cleaning by our experts will keep weeds and moss from growing by removing built-up dirt and debris from the joints and [...]

Sealer Spotlight: High Gloss Sealers

Adding that shine to your outdoor living space! There are several different varieties of sealers out there that offer different finishes to your outdoor space. One of the variations you’ll come across is High Gloss Sealers. These are true to their name and will give your space sheen when applied. When looking into high gloss sealers, we would recommend several different considerations. Appearance/Finish: High Gloss Sealers offer much of the [...]

Ideal Conditions for Sealing Hardscape Surfaces

What You Need to Know Before Having Your Outdoor Spaces Sealed! There are several factors that affect the overall result of sealing your outdoor space. While certain obstacles, such as patio furniture, outdoor grills, or even cars in the driveway can be easily moved; some of the conditions are dependent on moisture, temperature and timing. If you’re having your outdoor patio, driveway, or walkway sealed, here are some of the [...]