Cleaning Your Patio Pavers

Paver Rescue professional cleaning equipment

Cleaning Your Patio Pavers

Preventing Dirt, Grime, Weeds, and Moss

Do you want to prevent build-up of dirt, grime, and weeds on your paver or concrete surface? Cleaning your patio pavers is a vital part of your ongoing maintenance program and will ensure both a better looking and longer lasting surface.

A thorough cleaning by our experts will keep weeds and moss from growing by removing built-up dirt and debris from the joints and will bring back tired and dulled surfaces to their original condition.

Paver Rescue achieves this result by utilizing commercial-grade, hot water, high-pressure washers and specifically calibrated scrubbers to remove the dirt and debris without causing damage to the surface.

Our vast experience means we know the right cleaners and the appropriate application for the project to achieve the best results. Our expertise is unmatched for cleaning in and around joints, corners, nooks, steps, and/ or thresholds, which is a combination that other service providers or do-it-yourselfers will be hard to match. After a Paver Rescue’s cleaning your pavers or concrete will look like new and ready for that party you’ve been planning.

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