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How long does the typical Paver Rescue process take?

A: Typically, it’s a three day process. Day one we clean your brick/paver areas with a pressure wash. Day two is spent doing repairs, as needed, to edging or any areas that have settled over time. The third day we sand, stabilize and, most importantly, seal the entire area.

Why is sealing an important part? Can’t you just clean, repair and sand?

A: Sealing protects your investment, by stabilizing the sand in the joints in addition to protecting your installation from stains, weeds and insect infestations.

How long until we can use our patio/driveway after the process?

A: To safely ensure the sealant has dried properly, you’ll need to wait 24 hours after we’re done.

Why can’t I clean and repair my own patio?

A: You certainly could. But we have the tools and expertise necessary to make your patio/hardscape as good as the day it was installed. And we can do it right, in a just a fraction of the time. Plus, wouldn’t you rather enjoy your patio instead of working on it?

When is ideal time to have Paver Rescue work on my patio repairs?

A: From early spring to late fall is the ideal time to clean, repair and seal. Basically, when the weather is nice, we can do the work. Once it starts to freeze, we recommend waiting until early spring.

Is this a yearly process?

A: No, but we recommend an ongoing process. We offer a three year maintenance agreement ensuring you don’t have to maintain your installation for those three years. Year one, we do the complete clean, sand and seal. Year two, we return to inspect and do any needed sealer touchups. In year 3, we do a light cleaning and again touch up the sealant.

My patio/hardscape installation is brand new. When should I consider having Paver Rescue clean, repair and seal it?

A: A new patio should be good for two years. After this, there will definitely be signs of wear; weeds may appear between cracks, pavers may settle, insects may appear. We’d recommend after your second year, giving the experts a call to make it new again.