Please Don’t Try to DIY

Paver Rescue Missions Demand a Team of Professionals
Pete the Paver crying
as pavers, we look tough. But we have a confession…

we have feelings

There’s something we’d like to ask all DIYers.

A letter from Paver Pete:

Dear DIYer,

We love you. You’re our family and it makes us happy to provide a safe, stable surface to enjoy with friends and family outside. To be our very best, we need a little care from time to time. We appreciate you trying to keep us clean and presentable with home maintenance, but we need to tell you those things hurt us.

As pavers, people think we’re strong because we’re made of stone. But the truth is, we have feelings too and the non-commercial grade power washer and rough scrubbing are hurting more than helping. We need specialized care that makes us look great and feel great.

We know you want the best for us and we want to be the best we can be for you too! A maintenance visit from professional paver cleaners will get us back looking brand new and safe and stable to enjoy your outdoor space again.

We’re glad we could have this talk with you and we can’t wait to enjoy time with you and the family!


Paver Pete

Paver Pete Loves You
How to Maintain Your Paver Hardscapes Like A Pro Ebook

We know some DIYers will still give maintenance a go. If that’s you, check out our FREE ebook to keep damage to a minimum!

Remember: This Stuff Hurts

Don't Use Salt and Sand

It's too harsh!

Don't Power Wash

It erodes pavers.

Don't Give Up

It might not be too late!

Don't Use Chemicals

It causes irreparable damage.

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