Our Proven Process

For Rescuing and Repairing Pavers
Paver Pete with hands on his hips


We mobilize our paver professionals, armed with an arsenal of professional equipment to start the rescue mission. Our specialized high-power cleaners expertly clear pavers and prepare them for phase two of the mission.

Our prep step will:

  • Carefully eliminate dirt and debris with specialized commercial grade cleaners
  • Defeat weeds and moss with high-pressure, hot water equipment
  • Eradicate dirt without damaging pavers with specifically calibrated scrubbers

how is this different from power washing?

Power washers are too harsh for paver materials and can damage the structure of the patio or walkway. Our equipment is specifically designed to clean vigorously without causing any damage to the pavers.


Phase two of our mission is repair. We tackle casualties of damage and cracks with the expert knowledge and experience from the Paver Rescue team. The repair phase solidifies the structure and puts them in place for the future.

Our repair step will:

  • Identify problem spots and see where we can help
  • Lift or replace sunken pavers and edging
  • Compact the patio pavers to stand strong together against the elements

why is this good for my pavers?

Compaction helps keeps the pavers tight and level. This not only helps reduce future maintenance on the pavers themselves but also cuts down on the time you spend sweeping dust out of the crevasses and other ongoing maintenance tasks.


The last step in getting pavers back to their original beauty is sealing protection. Sealing is critical for long-term defense against hardscape problems. We apply the sealer specifically selected for your pavers to keep them in great condition for years to come.

Our sealing step will:

  • Protect pavers for future stains and UV rays with sanding and sealing
  • Stabilize the pavers to defend against weeds and cracking
  • Engage state of the art equipment to seal with precision

does sealing pavers make that much of a difference?

Yes. Sealing is critical to your maintenance plan. It protects pavers against stains and harsh UV light. Doing it yourself can cause irrepairable damage when done incorrectly.

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