Repairing Your Patio Pavers

Paver Rescue team repairing large paver driveway

Repairing Your Patio Pavers

Repairing patio pavers that are damaged, uneven, cracked or misaligned

Do you have pavers that are damaged, not level anymore, cracked, or are misaligned? Over time pavers can become damaged or shift, especially during hard winter months. Making repairs is an important part of any maintenance program, but can also help take your tired and damaged surface a make it look new again.

The Paver Rescue team will expertly assess your patio or driveway and identify any necessary repairs. We have experience in lifting sunken pavers, replacing edging, or resetting pavers that have become uneven among many other things. Paver Rescue uses paver extractors as well as vibratory plate compactors to ensure the pavers are removed properly and then level and ready for sanding and sealing once replaced. Our company founders have many years of experience installing paver patios and other hardscape surfaces, which means we have also become experts at spotting needed repairs and knowing what it takes to efficiently fix these problem areas. Don’t let that problem area continue, let us come fix it for you.

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