Sealer Spotlight: High Gloss Sealers

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Sealer Spotlight: High Gloss Sealers

Adding that shine to your outdoor living space!

There are several different varieties of sealers out there that offer different finishes to your outdoor space. One of the variations you’ll come across is High Gloss Sealers. These are true to their name and will give your space sheen when applied. When looking into high gloss sealers, we would recommend several different considerations.

Appearance/Finish: High Gloss Sealers offer much of the same protection as your traditional sealers. Your noticeable difference is that your space will have a more noticeable glistening. Many clients are deterred from choosing high gloss sealers, because the assumption is that it would refract light back into the space. In contrast, high gloss sealers don’t provide a glare into the space and are easy on the eyes. Additionally, one may think that a shinier surface means it’s more prone to slippage. Our High Gloss Sealers can be combined with gripping agents to ensure that this does not happen.

Duration of Finish: From the many outdoor spaces that we’ve serviced over the years, we’ve noticed that over time, the finish of your sealer will fade. This is no exception to High Gloss Sealers, and it is more apparent when the finish does fade. Although they tend to retain their ‘glossy’ look longer than your lower gloss sealers, they will fade over time with excess traffic. We’ve noticed that your higher gloss sealers will maintain their finish for around 12-15 months depending on the exposure to the elements as well as amount of foot traffic it receives. Our recommendation would be to not use these on walkways or driveways, as this will fade the finish quicker.

Choosing High Gloss v. Other Sealers: The reason many of our clients choose high gloss is more a personal preference, but it can boil down to the composition of the sealer. Your high gloss sealers tend to have more solution in them that cause that shine. This solution also aids in strengthening the sand joints between you pavers. Typically, the higher the gloss is on your sealer, the stronger your sand joints are going to be. This is may be one determining factor when choosing a high gloss sealer over low or zero gloss.

At the end of the day, your sealer will provide you with a revitalized space. High gloss sealers tend to work best with your concrete pavers, and can provide a subtle shine to your space making it appear like new! If you’re considering using a higher gloss paver on your space, now’s the time to get scheduled with our Paver Rescue team to ensure that you’re prepared for any seasonal changes to come!

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