Tile Cleaning & Colored Grout Sealing

Paver Rescue has a team of trained technicians to transform indoor tile floors, walls, backsplashes and showers. Our process removes mold, rust and hard water stains from the tile and grout surface and brightens the grout to make your tiled surfaces look their best. We offer one-time cleaning, commercial tile cleaning and a tile maintenance plan. Our four-point tile cleaning and sealing process includes:

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Paver Rescue cleans tiles and grout with hot water extraction. The method infuses very hot water into tile and grout to extract dirt better than any other method. Hot water extraction works on tile floors, backsplashes, showers and more. This method is safe for most types of tile, including ceramic, marble, porcelain and travertine. Check out the results as shown in these before/after photographs. Instead of clear tile sealant, we apply a colored grout sealer which lasts significantly longer and provides a bright border to set off your indoor tiles.