Paver Restoration is More than a Power Wash

Frequently, people ask what makes Paver Rescue’s 5-step restoration service different than what a power wash company offers. There are six key differentiators that allow Paver Rescue to stand apart.

  1. Our technicians receive ongoing, specialized training and use only best-in-class professional equipment and commercial-grade, paver-safe cleaning solutions. A power washer’s lack of  paver stone expertise can inadvertently cause damage to the paver surface and/or foundation by using too much water pressure, harsh cleaning solutions or an improper sealant. More Paver Dos and Don’ts.   
  2. Power washing erodes the sand between paver stones which causes instability and can lead to uneven pavers which create a safety risk. Paver Rescue’s restoration process includes a thorough polymeric sand replenishment with compaction which strengthens the paver joints and prevents weed growth and paver shifting. Our technicians know that using the proper sand type and applying the correct sand height are critical to maintaining the integrity of the paver installation. 
  3. Repairing broken and uneven pavers is a critical step in Paver Rescue’s process. When a power washing company fails to conduct repairs, tripping hazards are likely to worsen and become more costly issues over time. 
  4. Paver Rescue’s restoration process features 5 steps: repair, edging, hot water cleaning, polymeric sand replenishment and sealing. Power washing companies typically only provide one service, cleaning the pavers, which offers a short-term cosmetic benefit and no protection against sand erosion, stains, weeds and UV rays’ damage. View the Video on our 5 Steps.
  5. Our Paver Pete Service Plan is an annual paver stone maintenance program that provides a turnkey, worry-free way to keep your pavers looking and performing their best year after year. Power washing companies do not offer this peace of mind. 
  6. Paver Rescue carefully selects a sealant that is best for your specific type of paver stones. Our sealant will elongate the life of your pavers, brighten the paver color, provide three years of UV ray protection and stain prevention. Most power washing companies do not seal pavers, nor do they have the knowledge to know which sealant is best for your patio or driveway. Using the wrong type of sealant can permanently harm or discolor your paver patio. Check out the Top 5 Reason to Seal Your Paver Patio.

Quality, expertise and Paver Rescue’s comprehensive restoration process set us apart from a power washing company’s approach. Check out the before/after photo below.

We Make Your Patio Look New