Paver Restoration

Since 2011, Paver Rescue’s trained and certified technicians have used a proven 5-step process to maintain and restore tens of thousands of stone pavers across Indianapolis. We do not use any harsh chemicals and our process will not leave any swirl marks on the surface of the pavers. Without harsh chemicals, we make your pavers look new. More than a power wash, our paver stone maintenance and restoration process includes:

Paver Stone Restoration Pricing

Pricing includes pressure wash, replenishment of polymeric sand and sealing. Repair of broken or uneven pavers and installation of Gator Extreme Edge are additional costs and will be included in your free price estimate if recommended based on our professional assessment of the condition of your paver stones.

Small Jobs

0-500 sq ft

$3.25 per sq ft

Medium Jobs

501-1,500 sq ft

$3.00 per sq ft

Large Jobs

1501+ sq ft

$2.75 per sq ft

All jobs are $750 minimum. Pricing includes power wash/sand/seal. Repairing broken or uneven pavers and edging are additional expenses.

Seeing is Believing!

We Make Your Pavers Look New!

Weather, stains, age and uneven pavers can make your outdoor space a dangerous eyesore. We transform your pavers to their original glory by addressing common paver stone problems. We service all outdoor hardscapes made with paver stones including patios, driveways, walkways, porches, driveways, outdoor kitchens, firepits and retaining walls.

Paver Rescue restored and repaired patio
Broken pavers Before

Broken Pavers

Cleaned and sealed block pavers rescued by Paver Rescue
Paver Rescue restoration services for block pavers Before

Lackluster Pavers

Clean grey circular paver patio
Grey circular paver patio Before

Dirty Pavers

Clean and sealed rescued paver
Stained Paver patio Before

Stained Pavers

Clean and sealed from oil spill on paver patio
Oil spill on paver patio Before

Unsealed Pavers

Brown block paver rescued by Paver Rescue
Loose paver patio Before

Weak/Unstable Pavers

Paver Services