The Little-Known Purpose of Patio Edging

Edging on a paver stone patio, driveway or walkway creates a defined boundary from your hardscape and the lawn or garden next to it. However, its underlying purpose is more than cosmetic.

“Edging plays a critical role by keeping the pavers securely in place,” shared Robert Frankel, Paver Rescue’s Sales and Marketing Leader.

“Without properly installed edging, paver stones will shift or sink over time. It starts with one or two pavers and snowballs. Each uneven paver creates a tripping hazard and makes the paver stones susceptible to cracking and breaking. So, what starts as a small problem can quickly become an expensive one.”

Replacing failed edging is the first step in Paver Rescue’s paver restoration process and it is part of our Paver Pete Service Plan. For our clients, we install Gator Xtreme Edge which is reinforced with 3D micro-fiber mesh and polymer modified structural edge to create a strong edging solution. Gator Xtreme Edge offers permanent continuous lateral support that is more than twice as strong as traditional concrete mix. It is also freeze and thaw resistant. You can see our expert technicians installing edging in the video below.

Edging Is Included!

Our 5-step restoration process includes replacing existing edging with Gator Xtreme Edge as shown in this video.