The Biggest Paver Maintenance Myth

By Tony Lausas, Paver Rescue Founder & President

Having been in the paver stone business since 1993, I have seen paver maintenance innovate over time. Despite the advancements, a common myth still persists: Many homeowners believe that paver patios and driveways are maintenance free. That statement is false and often leads to extensive problems that could have been avoided.

Annual maintenance is required to protect the stability, beauty and longevity of the paver stones. When a client contacts Paver Rescue for a free estimate, we like to think of it as an annual checkup. We visit the property and conduct a thorough visual assessment of the patio or driveway. What are we looking for? We note cracks, failed edging, the erosion of sand between the joints, uneven pavers, stains, discoloration and weeds. We then make a recommendation of services to make your pavers look new again. Often, the restoration requires a 5-step process that includes repair, edging, cleaning, replenishing polymeric sand and sealing the pavers stones.

Small Problems Grow into Costly Repairs
Unfortunately, early signs of concern often grow into large, costly issues. For example, if you notice one or two paver stones have settled and are uneven from the others, this is a sure sign that the foundation of the patio is beginning to erode or tree roots are wreaking havoc. Failure to act now can lead to more and more paver stones shifting. Before you know it, you have a patio that is an eyesore and safety hazard like this:

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Fact Vs. Fiction in Paver Patio Maintenance


Paver stone patios and driveways are maintenance-free.


Paver stone patios and driveways are low maintenance. 


Correcting uneven pavers is fast and easy.  


Paver Rescue’s restoration process is more than a power wash.

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